Authentic mongolian yurt sales

Standard Specification

Our yurt sizes

In Mongolia yurts are sized depending on the number of wall sections and as they are hand made sizes vary a sizes quoted are approximate.

3 khana yurt information
3 wall
  • 12ft diameter
  • 122 sq.ft floor area
  • 3ft diameter open crown
  • 4ft 6in wall height
  • Decorated wooden door.
  • £4,300 inc VAT
4 khana yurt information
4 wall
  • 16ft diameter
  • 211 sq ft floor area
  • 4ft diameter open crown
  • 4ft 9in wall height
  • Decorated wooden door
  • £4,675 inc VAT
5 khana yurt information

5 wall

  • 19ft diameter
  • 300 sq ft floor area
  • 5ft diameter open crown
  • 5ft wall height
  • Decorated wooden doors
  • 1 door - £5,772 inc VAT
  • 2 doors - £6,685 inc VAT
6 khana yurt information

6 wall

  • 21ft diameter
  • 357 sq ft floor area
  • 5ft 3in diameter open crown
  • 5ft 3in wall height
  • Decorated wooden doors
  • 1 door - £6,739 inc VAT
  • 2 doors - £7,914 inc VAT

I regularly visit Mongolia to quality control the production of our yurts. We have used the same supplier for 9 years and have developed a very close working and personal relationship with everyone in the factory. In 2007, in recognition of this relationship, I was given a Mongolian racehorse - a rare honour in Mongolia. I called him Spitfire and in 2009 I was given a second horse (Hurricane). An invitation to watch them race that year was

the highlight of my trip.


All our yurts come complete with all genuine Mongolian manufactured parts, including:


  • Lattice walls - made from wood hand hewn by the manufacturer and air dried for a minimum of 1 year. We use the more expensive larch hewn with the grain rather than the cheaper method of sawing to size, as this allows to wood to maintain its strength along the grain. They are joined using camel hide ties and tensioned with yak/camel hair tension bands;


  • Painted and traditionally decorated woodwork in red, orange, blue or green base colour with a traditional pattern (crown, roof ploes and door). The paintwork is protected with a lacquer finishing layer. We use exclusively European paints, giving long lasting protection and quality;


  • Decorated roof poles with plaited camel/yak hair loops;

  • Painted and decorated wooden doore;


  • Open decorated crown. We have arranged for the whole of the crown to be exposed to increase the light entering the yurt (in Mongolia, half the crown would be covered with felt and canvas to maximise the insulation in their -30°C winters);


  • An extra heavy 24oz green waxed canvas, made oversize to ensure that there are good overlaps between the two halves, and that the canvas reaches the ground. This canvas has been shown over wet Welsh years to be totally waterproof, while still allowing the yurt to breathe;


  • A breathable roofing membrane covering the whole yurt to ensure continuous waterproofing even when the canvas begins to leech water.


  • 9mm thick white 100% sheeps wool felt insulating layer, covering the walls and roof. This is the most expensive of the felts available, but has better thermal and fire performance and water resistance than the more usual polyester wool mixes. and, being short fibre pure felt does not wick water up the fibres;


  • White cotton outer cover with a traditional decoration stitched on in red, blue or green - also available in plain green;


  • White or green canvas rain cap (UK made) with clear plastic 'dome', designed by us to wrap around the flue pipe (this can be supplied without a flue cut out if required);


  • White canvas skirt with decorative pattern stitched on in red, blue or green - also available in plain green;


  • All ropes are natural camel, horse or yak hair;


  • Free training session on assembling your yurt - this usually takes half a day, but can be longer if required;


  • Fully illustrated instruction manual and DVD;


  • Full ongoing after sales service.