Authentic mongolian yurt sales

Frequently asked questions

Are your yurts made in the UK?

No - all our yurts are made in Mongolia, but we use some European materials (e.g. paint) and we make the critical raincaps in the UK (Mongolia is a very dry country and they do not encounter the problems of the UK climate).


How have your yurts been modified to suit UK conditions?

We try to keep as close as possible to the yurts used by Mongolians, but the climate in Mongolia is very dry, cold and windy. To make them suitable for the European climate we use pure wool felt, cleaned and processed to a very hign standard, heavier duty canvas treated for waterproofing, open crowns (with a UK made transparent crown cover), and European paint.


Is it sustainable to import yurts from Mongolia?

Yes, all materials are sustainably and legally sourced, all workers are well paid full time employees, and the carbon footprint of transporting each yurt is minimal (we have been advised that this is less than driving one yurt from Wales to Scotland!)


What are the advantages of a Mongolian yurt over a UK made one?

Mongolian yurts are designed for extreme wind and cold, so the felt lining keeps them very warm in the cold weather, and also insulates heat out in hot summer weather. The design of the yurts has evolved over two thousand years, and the low profile and weight of the structure means that they are stable in even the worst winds that we can throw at them.


Do you deliver and erect the yurt?

We can do this by arrangement, but most people come to us to collect the yurt, when we then give a full lesson in how to put the yurt up. All our yurts also come with a fully illustrated instruction manual and a DVD demostration disc.