Authentic mongolian yurt sales

About us


We have been importing yurts from the same supplier in Mongolia since 2006 and rented out yurts on our farm for 9 years - long enough for us to feel confident that, given the right care, they can cope with the UK climate - even in Wales!


Peter started life a sail maker and moved on to selling high tensile membrane structures - the high tech end of the fabric building industry and about as far as you can get from Yurt Construction while still working with fabrics!


The yurt campsite on our farm offered a perfect opportunity to test the yurts, the deck design and the effect location has on the longevity of a yurt. Those 9 years until we sold the farm were a terrific learning curve - and great fun. We have sold yurts for a huge variety of uses - for living in, as guest rooms, classrooms, workshops, summer houses, party tents, site accommodation, teenage dens, even a staff chill out room on a London rooftop. There really is no end to the possibilities - although there are certainly uses and locations for which yurts aren't suitable. Increasingly our main sales are to customers setting up yurt campsites - yurt holidays have very popular and it seems that more and more people seem to want to holiday in the UK - and yurt camping offers a great mix of quirky comfort.....and it's environmentally sound too.


Yurts are designed to be lived in and keeping an unoccupied yurt warm and aired is hard work - it's a bit like having an old wooden boat instead of a fibreglass one - it isn't a maintenance free option - but the reward is a beautiful organic structure that has individuality woven into its being. We never skate over the difficulties of owning and caring for a Mongolian yurt - and we sometimes advise people to buy UK made yurts rather than our felt lined Mongolian ones if their location and intended use is more suited to this. For most of our customers buying a yurt is a huge investment - we want to make sure it isn't an investment you regret.